I started using the Close caboo lite carrier when my son came home from the NICU, he was in hospital for just over 10 weeks after being born prematurely at just 27 weeks gestation.

During my sons hospital stay a key part of our bonding was Kangaroo care, which is where I'd have skin to skin with my son, he would be slipped down my top by the nurses and all his important tubes and wires would be arranged, in that moment all would feel calm and it is proven to improve baby's heart rate and therefore their oxygen levels which was a major thing for my son.

For me it was the only way I really felt like his mum, it was something only I could do and I really liked that even though he was so tiny and poorly I could be a huge part of his care.

I loved that I could continue this at home with a little help from our close caboo carrier.

I was so pleased when I heard that Close were collaborating with the charity Bliss which supports families with premature babies, what a perfect collaboration. We received lots of info and links to the Bliss website when our son was discharged from hospital, from information on safe sleeping to weaning, it really was piece of mind when bringing such a delicate baby home.

rose and her son in the Caboo

Caboo +Cotton Blend - Multi Position Baby Carrier