Potty Training can seem like a daunting task for any parent, and getting a toddler to master the potty can take some time, especially if you don't do it right. Starting too early, before a child is ready, can actually hinder the experience. And also not being ready yourself can also inhibit this from being the smooth transition from nappy to pants.

 There are many steps you can take to make sure this process goes as swiftly and as smooth as possible, and so, here are my 6 steps to potty training success.

Potty Training  

1.  Timing Is Everything

Remember, you can't force your child to use a potty, if they're not ready, you won't be able to make them use it. The best time to potty train is when your child has shown signs that they are ready. This could be in many ways. From them telling you that they've done a wee or poo, to not having as many wet nappies as they usually do. They might even start asking if they can use the toilet as they pick up on people around them doing this. Once your child is showing a couple of these signs, then is the time to pounce.


2.  The 20 Minute Rule

Okay, it's not actually a rule, but it's something I stick by and find that it works quite well. Simply put, at every 20 minute interval, take your child to the toilet/potty and stick them down on it. Ask them if they need to do anything and just try to get them comfortable with sitting there. To settle my sons, I sometimes sing nursery rhymes and even take a short book in with us to pass the time. It helps to get the child used to sitting on the potty/toilet.


3.  Accidents Can And Will Happen

Physically, there are actually 2 milestones that children will go through when potty training. Firstly they will learn how it feels to open and close their bladder, and secondly, they'll learn to use it as a muscle to hold in wee. When a child holds it in too long, this is when accidents happen. Just relax, positive reassurance is needed here - if you stress, your child will too.


4.  Preparation Is Key

If you start potty training and aren't prepared, then it will probably take longer than needed. Preparation is key here so make sure you have everything to hand before starting. Decide whether you'll be using the potty or toilet - maybe even try both ways to see which your child prefers and let your child pick out their own potty. Also, Close Pop-in Toddler Potty Training Pants are a perfect way to get a child using pants. Designed to look and feel like grown up pants, they still let little ones feel the wetness and can be pulled up and down easily - a great option for easing the transition from nappy to potty.

 Pop-in Training pants

5.  Give Positive Attention

It's common for children to have accidents when potty training, and sometimes even after they've potty trained. Try not to focus on these, instead opting for positive attention when they do, do their business in the correct place. I find a good sticker chart works quite well too. Every time your child uses the potty, or tries at least, they're awarded with a sticker on their chart. Kids adore stickers so it's a great way to get them trying to do it correctly.


6.  Night-Time Trials

Until your little one is reliably dry in the daytime, it's unlikely that they'll master the night time toilet runs. It's important to wait until the bladder muscle is developed enough to hold wee in when your child is asleep, and for some children, this can take months after they have potty trained. Close offer Pop-in Night Time Pants which can be boosted for extra absorbency with their Pop-in General Boosters so your child is still getting to wear their big-boy pants whilst getting the protection of keeping them dry if an accident does occur.

 Pop-in Training pants

Most of all, just enjoy the ride. I see a lot of people who say that potty training is one of the worst stages of bringing up a toddler, but as a total opposite, I don't see it this way. Potty training, for me, is getting to see my child really growing, becoming more independent and one of the biggest developmental milestones they will go through. Most importantly, stay positive, you'll be through it in no time. 


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