For those that know me personally, regularly read my blog or follow me on social media will be aware of my absolute LOVE of cloth nappies. I have been using cloth on my son since he was a few weeks. Fast forward 14 months and we're still going strong.

Today I want to enlighten you about my favourite go to nappy for daytime use, Close Pop-in New Gen V2, a clever 2 parter that is extremely reliable, is bomb proof and hardly ever leaks!

Why we LOVE our Pop-ins

Pop-in Gen V2 Nappy for Real Nappy Week 2017

Honestly, what's not to love? Aside from the gorgeous core and woodland prints, brights and pastel block colours available, it is their double leg gusset feature together with the bamboo core (located inside the outer shell) and bamboo inserts that makes this particular nappy in our ever-growing stash the BEST for containment!

Pop-in Gen V2 Nappy by This Woman's Word

We have tried using this nappy at night with the addition of their Pop-in Night Time Booster, but found this wasn't enough to last my boy the entire night thanks to him being a heavy wetter!

That said, I honestly think Close's newly launched Wrap (available through Babipur) will be the answer to my night nappy prayers and cannot wait to try this out.

New Improvements

The older my son gets, the fear of not being able to continue using our Pop-ins due to the fit around his waist were instantly put at ease following the release of their popper Pop-in nappy earlier this week which is exclusively sold at online ethical retailer Babi Pur.

Pop-in Gen V2 Nappy with Poppers


I for one cannot WAIT to get my hands on the super cute 10th Anniversary limited edition as well as the traditional Babi Pur Elephants print.

I'm secretly hoping that the new popper Pop-in nappy will, in time be available to purchase in both core and woodland prints. Hint hint team Close!

In celebration of Real Nappy Week 17, I'll be giving one lucky follower the chance to win themselves a pack of reusable wipes and either a Newborn Bundle or BTP Bundle in their core prints.

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