You’re walking blissfully down the street carrying with your sleepy baby when…the fussing…the rooting…starts.You know exactly what that means… she’s hungry.

“What? But I fed my baby just before I left the house! How can she be hungry again?” you ask yourself as the panic mode starts settling.

“I need to find a quiet place, and a seat, a comfy one… and my cushion? How do you do this without a feeding cushion? What if someone sees me?”

Sounds familiar?

This was very much me too 3 years ago with our first daughter when we were still establishing breastfeeding and I didn’t have a Close Caboo in our life.

When slings came into my life, life changed. I learned how to use a sling as a breastfeeding aid. I found freedom. I was much more relaxed; I knew I could feed my daughter easily whenever she needed it… wherever I was, all she needed was me.


After a little bit of practice, breastfeeding in the Close Caboo is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

1. Lift the rings to introduce some slack

2. Move your baby onto your chosen breastfeeding position

3. Adjust the Close Caboo around this position

...and once your baby has finished her feed… remember to bring her back to the original position by reversing the steps, even if she fell asleep!

With small babies, breastfeeding in a sling is not completely hands-free, you may still need to support your baby’s head, just as if you were feeding normally but it will be the sling that takes the weight of the body, thus leaving you one hand free to grab a drink or even eat your meal… yes… that unknown thing that is a warm meal for a new mum!

 Let me tell you that you look beautiful when you feed your baby, and that there is no reason to cover in public but if you are still feeling a little unsure and insecure about this, breastfeeding in the Close Caboo is very discreet, most people don’t really realise what you’re doing.


Here is a quick demo on one of the ways to breastfeed in the Close Caboo.


 And when your baby grows… and you want to move on… you can continue to breastfeed in the Close Caboo DXgo!


Caboo DXgo

Breastfeeding on the go in Fuerteventura.


Close has made not only our breastfeeding journey but also our parenting life much easier.


About Paula Hallsworth

Paula is a Certified Sling Consultant and Founder of EcoRoos, an online store with a sustainable and natural approach to parenting.