If you love carrying your little one but they are starting to outgrow their newborn style carrier then it’s time to consider Caboo DXgo. A unique buckle style back carrier, it allows you to continue your carrying journey with your little nipper whilst keeping them perfectly supported as they transition from their newborn carrier, without any compromise.

A light, portable and compact carrier that strikes the balance between comfort and practicality, Caboo DXgo can be used on the front from 6 months and when you are ready you can flip to the back from 8 months+. Tailored for extended periods of wear yet small enough to pack down and store in your change bag so it is always on hand, we think it’s just close common sense!

But don’t just take our word for it, Mum Jade and her 9 month old baby Kit have been trying it out for themselves with our friends at Mumii. You can see what Jade thinks about it here: