Continuing our blogs posts for our collaboration with Babi Pur and Bliss here is Amy and Michael's story. Their baby Colby was born 7 weeks prematurely due to complications and entered into the world via an emergency caesarean on the 21st March 2019. Here is her story about "the most incredible day ever."Read More
Rose's son was born at just 27 weeks. After some time in the NICU he was discharged. Here is her story and why the Caboo helped her during this time.Read More
On Saturday 18 June, Tiffany will be one of a host of mums and families taking part in the Bliss little heroes fundraising walk at Ipswich's Christchurch Park. Here she tells us why she's taking part.Read More
Who's going to be the lucky winners this year and win a ticket to the Baby Show?Read More
It is coming to that time of year where the clocks go forward and we look forward to enjoying the lighter evenings that the clock change bring us. However for some babies and children the transition is not always smooth!Read More
Have you met our playful Pop-in pals yet? Hiding in our new prints, these mischievous little characters have very distinct personalities and a cheeky little partner in crime.They love to play hide and seek, especially when they are up to something, what will it be today?Read More
Close are thrilled to have been awarded Gold for Caboo DXgo in the Best Baby Carrier,sling or Back carrier category at the 2018 Mother and Baby Awards.Read More
It is coming to that time of year where the clocks go back and we look forward to that extra hour in bed, however with babies and young children it is not always a simple transition! Below I wanted to outline some tips that will hopefully, with a little bit of preparation, make this transition as smooth as possible.Read More
Ever fancied yourself as a budding blogger? Want to see your pics and copy on our beautiful shiny new blog? Well now’s your chance!Read More
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