The Caboo is a great option for those who enjoy the snuggly feel of a stretchy wrap but prefer a little pre-structure. This front carry with a Close Caboo Video tutorial will get you off to a flying start.Read More

Why does carrying matter? Here is Dr Rosie Knowles reasons why carrying matters!

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It is no secret that our family loves Close Caboo DXgo, it just fits right into our life, wherever life may take us… in the UK, Switzerland or Spain.Read More
It’s been 10 years now since Caboo made its way into the world and it t has been one big hug ever since!Read More
Starting off life as the Close Baby Carrier in 2006, the original Caboo featured in the Channel 4 series “Bringing Up Baby” and has been one of the nation’s best loved soft carriers ever since.Read More

If you love carrying your little one but they are starting to outgrow their newborn style carrier then it’s time to consider Caboo DXgo. A unique buckle style back carrier, it allows you to continue your carrying journey with your little nipper whilst keeping them perfectly supported as they transition from their newborn carrier, without any compromise.

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