When should I start?

You don’t have to wait until your little one has been vaccinated to take them swimming but new Mums should avoid it until they have been given the all clear by a doctor at their six week check up (due to the risk of infection before this point).

Where is best to go?

Warm pools are best for getting started and most swimming pools have a specially heated pool for babies and younger children to use. Swim suits such as our Pop-in Baby Cosy Suit - Endangered Animal Collection  with its soft fleece lining will help to keep baby warmer in the water which comes in very handy, especially if the water is cooler than you would like it to be. Most swimming pools offer lessons for babies and younger children and these can be a great way to build confidence in the water for both you and your little one. Ask friends for recommendations or look on social media to see what people in your area are recommending.

What should I be looking for when I sign up for classes?

Signing up for classes is a great way of introducing your little one to the water, and teaching them water confidence and essential life-saving skills. You’ll also meet other like-minded parents. Ask friends for recommendations of local baby swimming companies, or contact Turtle Tots who run specialist and progressive child-led classes across the UK.

What should my baby wear?

A swim nappy is an absolute must to avoid any little accidents in the pool. Our Swim Nappy is the perfect way to keep your little one protected, what goes in the nappy stays in the nappy until change time with its clever seal to skin binding! When used with our Pop-in Swim Nappy Liner  underneath, change time is even easier and this double nappy system meets with swimming pools/schools requirements.

Be Prepared

If you have everything easily to hand when you get to the pool you are more likely to be calm whilst you get ready for the water. A Play Mats is handy for changing your baby on and leaves you hands free so you can get changed yourself.

Handy tip: Pop your costume on under your clothes for a quicker change when you get there. A super Pop-in Single Layer Hooded Towel is perfect for snuggling your baby dry after their swim.

Try to time their swim so that it is not near a nap or feed time as they will be less likely to enjoy it if they are tired or hungry. If your little one is still solely bottle or breast fed then you can give them a feed before or after they go into the water. If they are on solids, it is best to give them a light snack an hour before you get into the water and something afterwards if they are hungry.

Enjoy this special time with your baby, it can be a great way to bond with them, they find the water very relaxing and the exercise will help them to sleep, hopefully meaning a good night’s sleep for you both!

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