1. It’s snack time! What would your little one most like to munch on?

a) Hands down bananas every time!
b) Something that can be easily snapped up! Rice cakes, raisins, quick and easy food for refuelling on the go!
c) It’s all about the presentation – the more elaborate the better – fruit or shrimp kebabs are a winner and always go down a treat
d) Your little one doesn’t get hungry they get hangry! So whatever they can get their hands on but best make it quick!

2. What’s your little one’s favourite colour?

a) Blue or any colour that matches their surroundings
b) Green and yellow, a most sophisticated combination
c) Pink or course!
d) It’s all about the camouflage so anything stripy that lets them perfect blending in.

3. Playtime! Your little one most enjoys…

a) Racing about and climbing, playing pranks on people
b) Playing dress up
c) Singing and dancing
d) Hide and seek

4. Time for bed! Is your little one…?

a) Still raring to go at 8pm, 9pm, 10pm…surely they must be getting tired by now!
b) Bathed and in their pristine pj’s ready for a night of restorative shut eye by 7pm
c) Reluctantly agreeing that they are indeed tired and going to bed, even though you’ve seen them yawning for the past hour
d) Hiding…so you can’t send them to bed…but where?


Tot up your answers and see which one you got the most of below:


Pop-in character
Mostly a’s – Ticky!

You’ve got a cheeky little monkey on your hands! Just like Ticky they love being the centre of attention, playing jokes on people and making them laugh. Your little livewire is a bundle of energy with a big heart who hates stopping for anyone (or anything) including bedtime!


Pop-in character
Mostly b’s – Charles!

Cool as a cucumber, just like Charles, your little one has a taste for the finer things in life. Mischievous but in a sophisticated way, they melt your heart with their idiosyncratic little ways.


Pop-in character
Mostly c’s – Lala!

Your little one might seem shy and retiring but once you get to know them their heart and personality shines through and they will win you over with their cheeky little ways just like Lala.

Pop-in character
Mostly d’s – Oswald!

A master of disguise, you won’t always know what mischief your little tiger is up to just like Oswald, but they will always be the most roarsome company and great fun to be around when you can find them!