Curious about cloth but never been brave enough to take the plunge? We know the feeling…you had all the best intentions to start using washables and thought you’d just wait until you’d had the baby and then you’d get started. One thing leads to another and before you know it you’re celebrating their first birthday and still not using cloth.

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Today marks the start of our Real Nappy Week celebrations, we’ve got loads of special offers for you over the week and we’ve got loads of fantastic prizes to be won. Make sure you are signed up to our newsletters to be the first to know about some of the things we have planned!

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If you love carrying your little one but they are starting to outgrow their newborn style carrier then it’s time to consider Caboo DXgo. A unique buckle style back carrier, it allows you to continue your carrying journey with your little nipper whilst keeping them perfectly supported as they transition from their newborn carrier, without any compromise.

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