Official response to Amazon recall notification

Recall notification response

Close would like to reassure our customers that we do not consider the Caboo carrier dangerous in any way when used correctly. The Bulgarian Commission for Consumer Protection recently tested an Indigo marl carrier from our 2016 range and when they tested it they found that under extreme pressure (a force of 90N) the zip on the pocket of the wrap broke, and also that the straps slipped 2.2cm instead of 2cm under test. This has been brought to our attention but in 2015 just before the carriers were launched they were tested and passed test and we have certification to show that they passed test, and did not have these failures so we are unsure as to why one of the carriers in the same range has since failed.

With regard to the failure of the zip, we can assure customers that when using the carrier in a parent facing position, a baby cannot reach the zip on the pocket of the wrap, and in the instructions we do say in the warning section not to leave the carrier within reach of your baby unattended. If they cannot reach the zip there is no way they can pull it off and choke on it. However we accept that this has caused failure in test in this particular product and so we are obliged to withdraw the carriers in Bulgaria. New carriers in production have a new zip which is always guaranteed to pass test. 

With regard to the slippage of the straps (where they have slipped 0.2cm too far), we recently changed the instructions to include an instruction to tie the ends of the straps in a double knot underneath baby’s bottom once baby is in and secure and the straps are tightened, and once they are tied the straps do not slip at all. So we would recommend current Caboo users tying the ends of the straps to ensure no slippage at all is possible. You can see our new instructions here.

Please note also that in 12 years of producing this carrier we have never had a zip fail in use, apart from this one under mechanical test in a lab with extreme pressure, and we have never had a customer complain about slippage of the straps causing a problem with the positioning of the baby.If you any further concerns about your Caboo, please email Martine Carroll directly